EasyReach: Instant Access to Electronic Information

Effective Productivity Solutions Also Address Electronic Clutter

Whether you work at a Fortune 500 company or at a small business, vast amounts of electronic information are now part of the typical workspace. "eClutter" affects productivity and increases stress in much the same way that paper clutter does.

You can waste as much as 25% of your time searching for information that you need to make decisions, complete projects or manage your business. With EasyReach you get all this time back!

EasyReach provides on-demand access to all the information you need to be successful. EasyReach enables you to find, organize, manage and act on your information - even share it with others who need it - within seconds. With EasyReach you are able to:

Find files and emails from your desktop, a browser, or a BlackBerry, Treo, Windows mobile or Symbian phone.

Spend Less Time Searching For Information, And More Time Working With It

EasyReach is unlike desktop search tools offered by Google and Yahoo, which focus only on searching for information. EasyReach is a complete solution, backed up by a real-live support team, that not only enables you to find anything instantly, but also organizes your most important information so it is always available.

Install EasyReach today, before you leave the office, and when you return tomorrow you will be able to access all your electronic information instantly!

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