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  • The "Go" System Seminar... Get Organized!
    Its simple. GO stands for Get Organized! The GO System is a proven, step-by-step process to help you get organized and stay organized. The GO System helps you locate items when you need them and, more importantly, helps you stay focused on the priorities of day to day life. The system is easy to understand, easy to implement and easy to maintain. Within a few hours, it can significantly reduce the stress and anxiety that comes from being overworked, overwhelmed and overloaded. With the GO System, you can immediately:

                    Improve your ability to focus and concentrate
                    Gain more control over your workload
                    Easily and quickly prioritize your workload
                    Get more done in less time
                    Increase your contribution to the bottom-line results of your organization


    Many companies are downsizing the workforce, however, none of them are downsizing the workload. To remain competitive, even highly successful and profitable companies look for ways to get more done in less time, with fewer people. With the GO System, companies are able to help your employees:

                       ●Increase their productivity by 10% to 25% the first day after implementation
                       ●Decrease productivity-killing stress and anxiety
                       ●Eliminate distracting clutter
                       ●Improve their ability to follow up and follow through on assignments
                       ●Improve their ability to quickly recover from unexpected interruptions


    The GO System Seminar is approximately 2 hours long and will include hands-on activities, so when you leave you will have a system in place and the productivity tools needed to maintain it when you are back in your office or home. The seminar costs include all materials and a tickler system for your daily activities.

    The GO System is easy to understand, easy to implement and easy to maintain. Within a few hours you can learn new work habits and go back to your office and to organize it to maximize your competence, confidence and professionalism.

                          SIGN UP TODAY FOR THE NEXT "GO" System Seminar

    Workshop fee:


    $159 for paid registrations received 7 days before workshop
    $179 for registrations received within 7 days

    (Includes a GO System implementation kit and book)
    Registration: Begins at 12:00 noon


    If you cannot attend, you may send a substitute or
    receive a credit toward a future workshop.
    Call: 636.717.6588
    Fax: 636.680.2588


Let CSBS, LLC help you and / or your staff gets organized, focus, enhance time management skills and increase productivity with a centrally understood filing system, your personalized SOS or QuickBooks Services.
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